Lenka – Two [2011]

23 Apr

Australian singer-songwriter Lenka Kripac’s (a.k.a. Lenka) sophomore album Two has just been released on April 19, 2011 yet it is already making waves through Asia. The official single Heart Skips A Beat is slowly climbing up the charts. Personally, Lenka has been one of my favorite artists. She writes and co-writes her own songs. Most of her upbeat songs are cute. You know those kind of songs that just make you want to jump up and dance. As you can remember her hit song The Show [2008], was a worldwide success and was even used in numerous advertisements and featured in a number of television series. Lenka surely knows how to make a hit. Now she’s back with Two which has the same magic as its predecessor. Definitely music to my ears.


1. Two [Listen]

2. Heart Skips A Beat [Watch]

3. Roll With The Punches [Watch]

4. Sad Song [Listen]

5. Everything At Once [Listen]

6. Blinded By Love [Listen]

7. Here To Stay [Listen]

8. You Will Be Mine [Listen]

9. Shock Me Into Love [Listen]

10. Everything’s Okay [Listen]

11. The End Of The World [Listen]

My top picks – Heart Skips A Beat, Roll With The Punches, Blinded By Love, Everything’s Okay, Shock Me Into Love

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